ERP Implementation and Upgrades

ERP systems play a big role in managing process adherence and overall operational efficiency. So, whether an organization is looking to upgrade their ERP solution or wanting to reimagine their ERP solution inorder to meet new operational challenges, we are able to help them achieve the desired result.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our consultants across industries, we help clients identify Modern ERP, upgrade benefits, assessing cloud ERP and deploy ERP to help them grow their business. 

Business Analytics & Integration

The use of data analytics can not only help an organization better their processes but can also help the organization respond better to risks and opportunity along with being more ready for the future trends. 

Yantra helps organizations integrate their systems to improve business performance using its CloudStrings technology, analyze data and predict market responses, churn and risks to make informed decisions.

Product Engineering

Yantra’s Engineering Team consists of experienced engineers who are skilled in various cutting edge technologies. Our team works closely with clients who seek help in building their product or in augmenting their core engineering teams. Any product development often requires additional skill sets for certain stages in the overall product development cycle. Our team is able to very quickly get on-board, understand the gaps or the technological requirements. This allows the team to deliver the required support efficiently, without disturbing the overall product development timelines.  

Managed Services

Our application outsourcing services can help customers realize cost advantages while simultaneously bringing improved strategic value to their businesses.

Our Partners

Yantra is a firm believer in innovation and has the ability to transform business processes into winning formulae. We are partners with some of the world’s best IT solutions – be it On-Premise or On-Cloud. In fact, we have been an early-adopter of Cloud and SaaS solutions. This has given us the opportunity to experience the immense potential of a comprehensive cloud strategy with various organizations.

Our Success Stories

Supported by scalable technologies and platforms, we design and implement solutions that support our client’s business needs.

Yantra delivers Hyperion Planning and Budgeting at a Mobile Device Management & Security Company

Yantra Re-Implements Oracle EBS and Supply Chain for a Leading Digital Retailer

Yantra delivers a Revenue Restatement Project for a Leading Service Provider for Data Virtualization and Data Masking Solutions

Streamline your business processes to future-proof your business for sustainable growth