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For Strategic Alignment & Innovation.

Our Philosophy

And what if one told you that beauty isn’t a myth? It all lies in geometry. Ask Da Vinci.

Established in 2008, our name ‘Yantra’ is derived from a Sanskrit derivative that defines an implement, machine, or tool. In ancient Eastern traditions, it is believed that Yantra may also be a linear diagram of geometric symbols consciously placed in an order, that helps you channel the energy of the universe.

The origins of geometry and its application along with various sciences can be found in some of the earliest civilizations. Amongst other concepts, if we were to believe, thinkers like Plato and Euclid theorized that there is an underlying geometric pattern or rhythmic structure that connects every creation in the universe and lends to its beauty and perfection.

Yantra as a company does just that for you. We see Yantra at the confluence of industry experience, systems knowledge, and client goals. Our studied ways and integration of various methodologies and strategies make us the perfect architects to design bespoke solutions. One could consider us to be a polymath of sorts who sees a structured yet evolving approach that allows your company to get the right traction at a global level.

We partner with you to create your masterpiece!

ABout Us - Yantra Inc

Vikram Bhandari

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our Leadership

Channelizing the energy for
optimal business solutions.

Geetanjli Dhanjal

Senior Director, Global Delivery

Khatira ‘Kat’ Saleh

Director, Canada Operations

Matt Ferguson

Director, Sales

Kavita Kewlani

Chief of staff

Gayatri Kulkarni

Head, Data Analytics

Michelle Romonek

Director, Partner Solutions

Rajesh Pawar

Director, JAPAC Operations

Shruuti Pujari

Global Head, Human Resources

Vanaja Kesary

Senior Director, Strategy

Our Core Attributes


Enduring collaborative relationships at the C-Level with Fortune 500 Companies. Quickly becoming a client’s trusted advisor.

Analytical and Informed

Global breadth and depth across Hi-Tech, Manufacturing & Finance Industries and major offerings addressing the root cause and providing pragmatic solutions.


Solution architect performing assessments of many different businesses, applications, and organizations. Driving solution designs and implementations from the current business needs and the IT landscape.


One of the Fastest growing Technology Services providers, with a proven track record of complex transformational projects.

Team Player

The Best breed of people in the industry, Domain specialists across industries and/or technological stacks. Powerful culture of confidence, innovation, collaboration, and passion.

Our Belief

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.” (sic Margaret Atwood)
We have often wondered about the bigger picture; what story would we like to narrate, what story would we as global citizens desire to be? We believe our impact as a company must extend beyond the binary codes and business goals.
While our work lends value to clients that provide the world with innovations and better lives, our work extends beyond theirs. We have nourished ourselves and grown with the support that the world has had to offer and it is imperative we do our bit!
From adopting and nurturing education systems in underprivileged segments, to providing oxygen concentrators to the remotest of areas in India during the CoViD -19 pandemic. From ensuring that the frontline workers and caregivers were cared for, to corroborating our team’s families, we strive to reciprocate an equal amount that we have received to maintain the equilibrium by sharing and passing the fortunes forward. #Yantracares

Vikram Bhandari - Yantra Inc
Yantra team
About us - yantra inc
About us - Yantra Inc

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