Modernizing the jewellery industry

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Modernizing the jewellery industry

The Jewelry industry is in need of a modern ERP solution that could respond to the challenges of its existing legacy system. With innate expertise and an in-depth understanding of the industry Yantra partners with NetSuite to deliver technological solutions supporting industry players in building a roadmap for automation that is poised for consistent growth.

Yantra in conversation with CaratLane

CaratLane, India’s largest omnichannel jeweler opts for digital transformation. With technology innovations like Advanced Financials, Inventory Management, Account Management, Order Management, and Lite Manufacturing integrated into their processes, CaratLane is able to increase automation, improve reporting and analytics, automate ordering, shipping, and billing, and tackle other common challenges of a jewelry retailer.

Know more as Aakrosh Sharma, Senior Vice President, CaratLane shares in this webinar his experience and learning from the journey of the technology upgrade.





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