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Product Engineering

Any product development often requires additional skill sets at certain stages in the overall product development cycle. Our Engineering Team consists of experts who are skilled in various cutting edge technologies. Our team works closely with clients in building their product or in augmenting their core engineering teams.

Our team is able to very quickly get on-board, understand the gaps or the technological requirements. This allows us to deliver the required support efficiently, without disturbing the overall product development timelines.   

Managed Technology Services

With dynamic market conditions, comes the imperative need for continuous process improvements, enhanced efficiencies, and boosting productivity while dealing with the inherent functional complexities. It makes pertinent sense for businesses to opt for Managed Technology Services rather than committing internal resources, especially to better manage the volatile markets and uncertain business environments. Managed Technology Services allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise of a specialized IT service provider like Yantra.

Our application outsourcing services help our customers realize cost advantages while simultaneously adding strategic value to their businesses.

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Managed Technology Services
Data Science & Analytics
Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

Data is the new currency of today’s world. It’s essential for businesses to ensure seamless flow and real-time availability of data across the entire supply chain to drive operational efficiency and productivity. However, data yields more value when enterprises are able to derive insights in the hindsight to gain the foresight.

We help enterprises to study, assess, and analyze their data to enable better business decision-making with our deep data science and advanced analytics capabilities, powered by significant domain understanding and global experience.

Dashboarding & Visualization Tool

Customization & Flexibility

We design & implement a customized dashboarding tool for all relevant KPIs.

Data & Information

We connect to various APIs, databases & legacy systems (external & internal) to extract right data & information for effective decision-making.

Smart Management Decisions

Our dashboards deliver real time, actionable insights to your leadership team.

Cost Effective

We deliver flexible, customized reports to any device at low cost.

Impact of External Factors Forecasting Tool

Customization & Flexibility

We design & implement a customized, analytical sales & volume forecasting tool for all your products & services

Data & Information

We source all data & information on the external factors like socio-economic, geo-political, climatic, global markets & historic trends and collate it on a single, standard platform.

Smart Management Decisions

We showcase the impact of all the external factors on the sales volume and in turn, the manufacturing quantities & inventory levels. Decision-makers can tweak these volumes on the fly and ease the overall supply chain.

Cost Effective

We deliver flexible, customized "volume" reports on your laptop/mobile/desktop at a highly reduced cost.

Exogenous Factors Impact Quantification Tool

Competitive Information

We tell you your tangible advantages & limitations over your competition.

Smart Decision-Making

With our help, you can take smarter & effective decisions on a real time basis to gain the competitive advantage.

Cost Effective

We deliver comprehensive reports at minimum cost.

Training Programs

Technology landscape, business dynamics, and decision-making parameters are always evolving. As the world gets nimbler, the need to keep pace with new technology developments, trending approaches, maturing practices, and productivity/efficiency-enhancing features is more paramount than ever.

We not only enable organizations to deploy the right technology to enhance productivity and analyze the right data to make correct decisions, we also offer our expertise to train their workforce to bridge their internal competency and skills gap.

Training Programs
Training Programs

NetSuite Training Programs

Yantra’s training services will maximize your investment by empowering your users with the knowledge and skills they need to make their jobs easier, increase productivity and optimize your solution. And if you’re a longtime NetSuite customer, train new hires and provide continuing enablement that aligns with your changing business goals.

We offer customized education and change management services tailored to your business requirements. We’ll work with you to build a customized training solution. We can provide training in person, remote or on-demand to fit your schedule

Our NetSuite certified consultants have the knowledge and business expertise to help ease your team members into fully leveraging the NetSuite system

Data Science & Analytics Training Programs

Yantra’s exclusive Data Science & Analytics training programs help organizations prepare their workforce to better focus on using decision sciences and analytics-based approach to generate superior returns for clients.

We equip your associates understand the fundamental concepts, logic and case scenarios to better analyze the data, and gain actionable clarity in 3 aspects of the S&OP process, Demand Planning, Inventory Management and Materials requirement Planning. We help associates with tools/capabilities to build models to support your clients in the process (end-to-end).

We train associates to have meaningful conversation with their clients (internal or external) helping them build relationship and develop business understanding to assist in identifying client requirements, problem solving, and developing a solution framework.

Our high-level program topics cover the following:

  • Concept & Terminologies, Physical, Information, Finance Flow
  • Demand to Procurement, Data Sources & Linkages
  • Understanding Customer’s Business, Market Analysis & Product Strategy
  • Business Analytics, Data modelling, Inductive and Predictive solutions
  • The Role of a Consultant

The modules we offer in our training programs are sector-specific discussions, client expectation management, case studies, and assessments.

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