Data Integration & Visualization –

Extract and consolidate data –

  • Extract data from CRMs (Salesforce), ERPs (Oracle NetSuite), Advertising Platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads), Marketing Performance Platforms (Marketo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator), Online and Onsite Storages (Amazon S3 & Redshift, Snowflake, MySQL, Postgresql), Onsite files (Text File, PDF Files, JSON Files).
  • Yantra will create joins and write custom SQL queries to transform and pull the required data.

Organize your data in a centralized platform –

  • Your data will be pulled onto a secure data platform.
  • A centralized platform helps avoid data mismatch and provides a single source of truth.
  • Easy to maintain Data Pipelines.
  • Readily available data for Machine Learning and Business Intelligence applications.

Management Decision Dashboards –

  • Yantra can implement dashboards on Licensed BI Tools (Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Quicksight, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse) and Open Source BI Tools (Apache Superset).
  • Get a better understanding of Campaign Effectiveness, Leads, and Opportunities and track cases.
  • Visualize your Sales data and understand the underlying trends and correlations.
  • Understand Web Engagement and email marketing performance.
  • Add filters to view different geographies, product categories, and dates. Ensure better slicing and dicing of data.

Forecasting & Planning using AWS Forecast –

Use the same technology as –

  • Amazon provides a vast selection and availability across 400M+ products.
  • Maintains low prices through inventory and supply chain optimization.
  • Archives fast delivery of billions of packages in 185 countries daily.

Forecast & Plan for key KPIs –

  • Forecast data from key domains – Retail Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain and Inventory Planning, Workforce Planning, Revenue and Cash Flow forecast.
  • Identify a target variable and related data sources, Yantra will build pipelines to AWS Forecast and make the data forecast ready.

Query Forecasts –

  • Forecasts can be queried by Product type and Location once the forecast can be made.
  • This enables the slicing and dicing of forecasts and enables understanding of forecasts at a more granular level.

Understand Drivers –

  • Amazon Forecast uses Impact scores to quantify the relative impact of each attribute and determine whether they increase or decrease forecast values.

View and Export Forecast –

  • Forecasts can be visualized in the console, exported in CSV format, and retrieved into visualization applications using Amazon Forecast API.

Diagnostic Study –

Get an overall 360-degree understanding of your current implementation –

  • Interview the Tech Team and understand the genesis of the tech stack and data flow infrastructure.
  • Interview the decision makers and understand their expectations on the quality, time & costs of end reports.
  • Study their pros and cons and the processes & discuss the alternate options that were considered prior to the implementation of this tech stack.

Identify Bottlenecks –

  • Identify the existing processes for data sourcing, extraction, collation, migration, storage & analysis.
  • Understand the way the analysts are working and what are their bottlenecks in acquiring data and writing queries.
  • Get detailed answers to the questionnaires from Data Users, Analysts, Tech Team & Functional Leads.
  • Identify the existing processes for data sourcing, extraction, collation, migration, storage & analysis.
  • Understand the way the analysts are working and what are their bottlenecks in acquiring data and writing queries.
  • Get detailed answers to the questionnaires from Data Users, Analysts, Tech Team & Functional Leads.

Yantra will Build a comprehensive & scalable operational strategy and recommend the possible solution’s –

  • Understand the competitive landscape and seek the most efficient tools and services for various activities – data sourcing, extraction, collation, migration, storage & analysis.
  • Put together various options of data flow infrastructure that can work effectively in the business situation.
  • Draft and end-to-end recommendation – processes & systems.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse –

Analyze NetSuite data –

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the only pre-built analytics platform tailored to work with NetSuite.
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources including NetSuite data, CSV files and other business system data.
  • Generate Visualization and reports optimized for executives and decision-makers.

Rapid Deployment –

  • NetSuite managed data pipelines with pre-built objects enable rapid deployment eliminating development costs.
  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is cloud based hence eliminating deployment and maintenance costs.
  • Load data directly from NetSuite Consulting for various Functional Areas and use ready to use KPIs.

Immediate and Role-based Insights –

  • Prepackaged content enables you to get immediate insights as soon as you load your data.
  • Role-based views and organization of insights into – cards, decks and dashboards.

Data Security and Governance –

  • Security features of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse enable – Data Encryption, Data Restrictions, MultiFactor Access Control, and Database Activity Monitoring.

Salesforce Einstein –

Enable AI Insights in Salesforce –

  • Salesforce Einstein enables AI insights and predictions across – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Rapid Deployment –

  • Salesforce Einstein directly connects to Salesforce, no data manipulation or preparation is required.
  • Salesforce Einstein automatically selects the best AI model for your organization and provides model management tools eliminating development and maintenance costs.

Discover Patterns in your Data –

  • Einstein Discovery enables the discovery of key patterns in your data.
  • Identify Pipeline Trends, Leads, and Opportunities most likely to Convert, and get insights from Marketing Engagements.

Predict Business Outcomes –

  • Einstein Prediction Builder enables you to create custom AI models on any Salesforce object without any code.
  • Predict Churn, Lifetime Value, Sales, and many other key KPIs.

Get Recommendations within Salesforce –

  • Einstein Next Best Action delivers intelligent recommendations to Customers and Employees within Salesforce.

AI and Automation –

Image to text conversion Application –

  • Capture information from images and convert it into a queryable Database or Excel sheet using state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing models.
  • Increase the efficiency of data collection and avoid manual data entry.

Document Information Parsing –

  • Automate collection of data from Documents or Excel sheets.
  • Data is extracted using Natural Language Processing and python scripts and output in a structured format.

Data Reconciliation –

  • Combine data from multiple departments which could be in various formats into a Master Database.
  • It is made sure that the inconsistencies in the various versions are eliminated.

Customer Discovery via Cluster Analysis –

  • Understand customer behavior and categorize customers based on their buying behavior.
  • Make tailored marketing campaigns for the various customer segments.

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