Founded in 2021, StudioC Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caratlane Trading Private Limited. The omnichannel jewelry brand makes contemporary jewelry that is affordable, accessible, and wearable, but it was running its growing business on spreadsheets. StudioC was looking for a system that would help it enter new markets rapidly to meet product demand. It wanted to eliminate manual entries and the use of spreadsheets in warehouse operations, as well as sync back-end systems with Magento.

After considering Microsoft, Sage, and NetSuite, StudioC decided to implement NetSuite’s apparel, footwear, and accessories (AFA) module. Yantra Inc created a unique jewelry bundle that provides real-time, two-way integrations with Magento while automating procurement to deliver real-time stock statuses.

The solution also catered to specific jewelry industry needs, such as auto creation of downstream work orders to address special requests like engraving or non-standard assemblies. The bundle also gave StudioC the ability to accurately compute the exact costing basis, critical given the ever-changing rates of precious metals.

StudioC has experienced significant benefits since implementation, including increased visibility across its entire business, improved alignment between sales and supply chain operations, and enhanced inventory management. Additionally, StudioC now has transaction-level visibility of its entire supply chain ecosystem and the ability to trace the lifecycle of each stock unit.

Next, StudioC plans to expand into other markets, including Europe and the Middle East, and potentially open physical retail stores in the United States.

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