In an era where the call for gender equality resonates across continents, young women in tech stand on the brink of a transformative journey—a journey towards building rewarding careers and stepping confidently into leadership roles. The path is not devoid of challenges, but with resilience, ambition, and a supportive community, these hurdles can transform into stepping stones toward success. With decades of experience in building a consistent and successful career, I have learned and relearned many aspects of being a professional, and I  hope my guidance and suggestions mentioned here emphasize the importance of self-belief, mentorship, continuous learning, and community in navigating careers and aspiring to be leaders.

Believe in Your Worth

The first step towards the leadership journey is to foster a deep-rooted belief in your potential. Not leaving room for self-doubt embrace your capabilities, strengths, and uniqueness. I advise recognize your voice and believe in the value of your contribution. Know that confidence is not just a feeling but a practice; by setting challenging yet achievable goals and meeting them, you reinforce your belief in your ability to move ahead for growth. This attitude makes you a leader. 

Seek Out Mentorship

Staying flexible, open to discussions, and adaptive to change always works in one’s favor. Seek mentors who not only align with your career aspirations but also embody the values and leadership styles you admire. A mentor can provide insights drawn from their experiences, offer constructive feedback, and open doors to opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden. Remember, mentorship is a two-way street that thrives on mutual respect and active engagement. Be proactive in seeking advice, asking questions, and offering your perspectives. Set your goals and stay flexible to learn from your mentors to advance in your leadership journey.

Embrace Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is not merely an option but a necessity. Invest in your personal and professional development through formal education, workshops, online courses, and by staying abreast of industry trends. This commitment to learning demonstrates adaptability and eagerness to grow—qualities that are indispensable for leadership roles.

Build a Supportive Network

Build relationships with peers, join professional networks, and participate in forums where you can share experiences and resources. These connections can become sources of support, advice, and even collaboration. A network also serves as a reminder that you are not alone on this journey; many share your aspirations and challenges.

Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership is not just about reaching the top; it’s about paving the way for others to follow. Advocate for policies and practices that support equality and create inclusive environments. 

Overcome Challenges with Resilience

Challenges are inevitable, but they also present growth opportunities. Whether it’s overcoming bias, balancing personal and professional commitments, or navigating failures, resilience is key. View setbacks as learning experiences and use them to refine your strategies and strengthen your resolve.

Lead by Example

Finally, aspire to be the leader you wish you had. Embody the qualities you value—integrity, empathy, decisiveness, and inclusiveness. By leading by example, you inspire those around you to pursue their aspirations and contribute to a positive and empowering workplace culture for women in tech.

Tech Trends for Women’s Leadership:


AI today is no longer the exclusive domain of data scientists. We are in an amazing phase of technology reinvention through AI with human-like design which is going to open new possibilities to unleash greater human potential, efficiency, and creativity. Many businesses have embarked on this journey to tap the value and capability of this new stream due to its very nature of human-like intelligence and seamless integration into every process. Hence, there is a need for everyone to upskill and adopt the change. 

The involvement of women in AI and ML is essential for creating technologies that are innovative, unbiased, and reflective of the diverse society they serve. Encouraging and supporting women in these fields is not only a matter of gender equality but also a critical factor for the success and sustainability of AI and ML innovations. As the influence of AI and ML grows across all aspects of life, the active participation of women in these areas becomes increasingly important to ensure that technology advances in an inclusive, equitable, and responsible manner.

Internet of Things

From home appliances to enterprise-level devices, IoT makes intelligent systems with decision-making capabilities. Today IoT is supporting a wide range of use cases from predictive maintenance, smart energy and asset management, and enhanced risk and control framework. IoT’s expansive growth across industries offers women leaders to spearhead innovative projects that integrate the digital and physical worlds.

The IoT industry, like many areas of technology, faces a skills shortage. Encouraging women to pursue careers in IoT not only helps bridge this gap but also enriches the talent pool with a wider range of skills and ideas. This is crucial for driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in the global market. IoT has the potential to significantly improve quality of life through applications in healthcare, education, and smart cities, among others. Women in IoT can ensure that these technologies are designed with inclusivity in mind, addressing the needs of diverse populations and making technology accessible to everyone.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity is a top priority for every organization. With the advancement of technology, Cyber threats are growing at an exponential rate globally. The cybersecurity field faces complex and evolving challenges that require diverse perspectives, innovative solutions, and a broad skill set to navigate effectively. 

Women bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving approaches that can enhance the creativity and effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions. This diversity is critical in anticipating and defending against multifaceted cyber threats. 

Given that women are underrepresented in cybersecurity, tapping into this talent pool is essential for meeting the growing demand for skilled professionals. 

Women often bring strong emotional intelligence to their leadership roles, a trait that is increasingly recognized as critical for effective leadership. In the high-pressure environment of cybersecurity, emotional intelligence can enhance decision-making, team cohesion, and resilience.


The leadership journey for young women in tech is uniquely personal yet universally challenging. By believing in their worth, seeking mentorship, embracing continuous learning, building a supportive network, advocating for diversity, demonstrating resilience, and leading by example, they pave the way not only for their success but for the empowerment of future generations of women leaders. In the dynamic landscape of the tech industry, for leadership roles, the active participation of women in AI, IoT, and cybersecurity is essential for driving innovation and ensuring a more inclusive and equitable future.

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