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We help businesses to study, assess, and analyze their data to enable better business decision-making with our deep data science and advanced analytics capabilities, powered by deep domain understanding and global experience.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering is the bedrock to the ecosystem of data science and advanced analytics that powers business decision-making. Our team of data architects, system and data engineers, AI/ML experts, DevOps professionals build data extraction platforms, data lakes & warehouses, business intelligence platforms, and operational data schemas to extract and collate information from all sources (structured, unstructured, public or private, open source or proprietary). 

We have successfully implemented data platforms across industries and across geographies. We integrate data platforms across financial modules, databases, cloud storage, ERPs and CRMs. We are agnostic to the cloud environment.

Data Engineering
Data Engineering

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics augment business decision-makers with predictive models, visualization tools and management decision dashboards. Our team of data scientists, industry experts and visualizers use pre-screened, validated and harmonized data – sourced from data platforms built by our data engineering experts – to run predictive or forecasting models. Using Python or R languages, we conduct permutations & combinations of over 50 models and perform test and control studies to recommend the right predictive model for client requirements.

We build real-time, interactive dashboards on PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, Sisense & more on validated & harmonized data, extracted from the existing Warehouse or ODS, to help business leaders across global industries to make smarter and effective decisions.

Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
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